Meet The Speakers

Liz Gilbert

Living Your Truth with Liz Gilbert: How to create big magic in your life and business

Find your Big Magic. Connecting with your truth and turning it into deep transformation is not for the faint hearted. Our very special guest speaker, Liz Gilbert, is someone who knows exactly what it’s like to listen to her truth, turn it into bold action, and open up deep transformation for millions of others.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray Love has sold over ten million copies and been translated into over 30 languages. Her latest book, Big Magic, explores what it takes to live a life of creative courage, and Elizabeth will be leading us in an intimate and interactive workshop to explore your vision, dissolve the unique challenges and obstacles you face on your path, and gain a profound understanding of the Big Magic you’re ready to bring into the world.


Lisa Comes

Lead Connected: Qoya movement workshop, out of your head and into your body

Lisa Comes is a Transformational Coach who is passionate about helping leaders connect to their authenticity and purpose. She believes that our truth lives within our bodies, and only through the act of following your intuition, movement, and sensuality, will we truly connect with and claim who we are in the world. With a genuine and humorous spirit, she empowers students with practical tools using proven techniques to encourage you to step into your most genuine self. Lisa leads in-person and online workshops and courses in Miami and creates a safe place for movement at retreats globally.

Samantha Wallen, MFA

Power and Privilege: Where Your Personal Truth Meets Our Collective Truth

What lives in our minds is a mirror of what lives in our society. As we look deep into our own mirrors to find, know, and name the truth, we MUST also look deep into the social and cultural mirror, as we are not separate from the whole. In this session we will look courageously at the paradigm of white power and privilege.

The consciousness that has you asking yourself, “Am I good or worthy enough to do this?” has actually contributed to our current societal reality. We will explore the way self-doubt, judgment and comparison have kept us blind to our privileges (specifically white privilege for most of us), and perpetuated our own oppression and that of others.

To practice magic is to practice the “art of changing consciousness at will.” As we examine our own consciousness through the mirror of society we can choose to practice magic through Transformational Activism and shift the consciousness of ourselves, our society and beyond.

Sam Wallen is the Founder of Write In Power, which is a growing movement of conscious people who commit to writing into the core wounds and brilliance of their lives in order to claim their fundamental value, live in abiding self-trust, AND create a book!

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

From Good Girl to Wild Woman: Reframe your “sins” into superpowers to create the life you want

What if you could bring ALL parts of yourself into your business so you can unleash your soul magic? Cordelia believes that women can heal the lifetimes of core guilt and shame that stops them from being as powerful and magical as they know they are (but are afraid of being). By embracing your darkness, your shadows, your messy, raw, beautiful parts – rather than feeling you have to be pure and sweet and perfect in order to be spiritual – you will free yourself to create the pleasure and prosperity you really want.

If you’ve experienced the shame that comes up for spiritual women about their dreams and desires – be it for wealth, sex or luxury – you won’t want to miss this dynamic session.

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs is a spiritual teacher and mentor for entrepreneurial women who want to see what’s really possible when they start breaking the rules of the old paradigms, and start living from their magic.

Emma Churchman

The Art of Faith in Business: How to cultivate faith to stay tuned in to your purpose as you grow

All conscious entrepreneurs have faith in something. Sometimes it’s God or Spirit or the Universe. Sometimes it’s faith in fear, scarcity, lack, or overwhelm. Or it’s faith in someone else’s magic business formula or ideas for your business. The more conscious you are, the more important it is to utilize faith to grow your business – even more-so than strategy and planning! To grow exponentially, you must be able to have faith in what you cannot yet see in your business. Without faith, you will stay stuck in indecision and worrying about the “HOW” of achieving your goals.

In this workshop we’ll explore how to cultivate our faith in the right direction and stay in touch with our real purpose and desire. Misdirected faith can cause sneaky forms of resistance and playing small. We’ll explore why we need ALL of who we are to propel our business forward – both the light and shadow sides. We will dive in to what faith really is, how to blast through resistance, work with our light & shadows sides, cultivate desire and step into our greatness.

Emma Churchman is a spiritual director for conscious business. She’s broken all the rules to create her succes, and she loves supporting you to move into your greatest soul expression and an abundant business!

Laurie Morin

Now is Our Time: How to bring our wisdom forward to create something bigger than ourselves.

Laurie Morin is creating a community of “”women of a certain age”” who are ready to stand in their own truth and create something rich and meaningful with the next chapter of their lives. We once were dreamers and idealists. We believed we could change the world. Then our priorities shifted, and we put our dreams on hold. We became parents, teachers, lawyers, doctors. We raised families, had successful careers, and gave back to our communities. Life had its ups and downs, but it was mostly good and very full. And yet, deep inside we still feel a yearning — to do something bold and great. To create something of our own and leave a legacy for the next generation. Despite that yearning, we are worried that it’s too late. That too much time has passed. It hasn’t. NOW IS OUR TIME. We have the knowledge, the resources, and the wisdom to do something meaningful with the next chapter of our lives. We can become the next generation of artists, writers, activists, and intellectuals who envision a better future for our planet. We can create new models of business that serve the needs of humanity while fulfilling our own passions. All we need is the courage to step out of our comfortable routines and try something new. Something creative, something bold, and something bigger than ourselves. That is our challenge, if we want to leave something of value for the next generation. The dream still exists. It’s our time to bring it to life.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how to balance the inner Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary archetypes to keep our bearings and create change as women of wisdom in the new political reality.

Kate Gerry

Discover Your Entrepreneurial EDGE: Create a life of more ease, joy and impact

96-98% of all our decisions are made from our subconscious mind. When we’re not aware of what’s running us, those things have a huge impact on the outcomes we create. As human beings we are trained (often from a very early age) to do anything at all to avoid looking in the places that feel the most uncomfortable to us – the feelings and emotions that make us squirm. The truth is, it is exactly those same places that hold the key to our deepest transformation – and the work we are here to do in the world. I call this finding your ‘Entrepreneurial EDGE’.

During this talk, we will explore together how to step up and own your EDGE and why facing the things you run away from holds the key to immediate transformation in your life and business – and the impact you are here to make in the world.

Kate Gerry helps business owners tap in to their best, most creative work, by structuring their business and life in a way that creates so much abundant space their ideas can’t help but sprout and grow.

Renee Li

Understanding Fear: The Key to Manifest Your Soul Purpose Like a Master

In this interactive workshop, Renee will offer crystal clarity around what fear is, its impact on your personal life and on all of your current and future clients or students that you have sacred contracts with. Learn to navigate your fears as you pursue your Soul purpose as a sacred business.

Seeing fear for what it is and consistently working through it not only offers new experiences, growth and expansion but self-mastery. Mastering fear is part of the self-ascension journey where you practice the dance between fear and love that is at the core of this 3D hologram we live in. See what is holding you back from going “”all-in”” with your Soul purpose and leave feeling empowered to walk through those fears.

Renee Li helps new and aspiring spiritual teachers achieve Soul purpose success. When a new wave (a new generation) of spiritual teachers and leaders come into their full power, the energy on Earth will shift and help more and more individuals heal, evolve spiritually and ultimately ascend into their self-mastery. Ushering this new wave is Renee’s business and Soul Purpose.

Angella Johnson

Claim Your Magic: Embrace the Courage to BE You and Live Your Vision

With all of the healing that self-aware people do, why aren’t things changing? What if we could choose to change rather than healing something that is “broken”? Do we really have to breakdown to breakthrough?

With a blend of humor, truth bombs, and practical tools, Angella will guide you on how to:

  • Receive more ease and abundance from the universe, even through surprising ways including increasing your willingness to receive judgment.
  • End the epidemic of self-judgment and be fully aligned with your inner knowing.
  • Stop talking about creating change and actually create change on a molecular level, which changes your physical reality.
  • Find the courage to be who you are without apology.

Angella Johnson, business alchemist and creator of Soul Message Archtypes™, is committing to being an agent for change on the planet, and demonstrates this in the way she runs her own business, continuing to innovate and lead what’s possible.

Mary Beth Vanderlinden

Keep Your Energy Buzzing

Mary Beth Vanderlinden is a master healer, teacher and founder of the Spirit Led Healing™ Institute and creator of the God Light Transformation™ healing method. She will be sharing a series of energy exercises that take a short time each day. These exercises will change your life. They will help you relieve stress, have more energy and keep you at a higher vibration. You will learn how to ground yourself, how and where you take on other people’s energy (how that affects you and how to stop it from happening) as well as how to protect yourself from the negative energy around you by setting strong energy boundaries and an easy way to protect your energy. All of this will allow you to live a calmer, healthier and more balanced life.

Nathalie Chapron

Your Unique Essence Revealed: How to increase confidence and love how you show up in the world

Nathalie Chapron believes a woman is most compelling when her style is a reflection of her unique essence. She blends her inherited French aesthetics and formal image consulting training to help her clients look and feel their best by aligning their inner and outer
beauty. After working with Nathalie, her clients experience a visible increase in their confidence, beauty and radiance. Nathalie lives in the south San Francisco Bay area with her husband and young son. She adores taking women on shopping trips to Paris and leads “Divinely Feminine” retreats in a castle in the south of France.