Aligned Entrepreneur!

What if you are a few small tweaks away from a breakthrough year? Breakthrough courage, community, conversation (and cash!)
It’s not about the right formula, but the right alignment.

March 28-29

An immersive alignment experience.

Life and business flow
when you align with your personal Truth.

In today’s world of rapid change and increasing fear, transformational leaders understand that more is possible. Yet how do you decide how to ACT on that more?

In uncertain times we look for a formula, yet the formula is actually to follow what is speaking to YOU.

Often we don’t slow down to hear it. And when we do, we think we are alone.

Enter CONNECT. Transform what really matters.

Let’s Talk Truth.

When we tap into an energy of Truth, everything changes. Our ideas, decisions, and collaborations are guided and in flow. Growth accelerates. Your path becomes clearer with every step you take.

To be the entrepreneur who uses business as a vehicle to transform what really matters, we must come from Truth.

From an energy of Truth (intuition, Spirit, Source energy), the path becomes clear. Imagine yourself:

    • Tuning in to the clarity of messaging that will have you attracting the right people without tying yourself in knots.
    • Standing tall in the courage to say what needs to be said in your business, for your own divine self-expression, and in paving the way for your clients to do the same.
    • Understanding the flow of your own creativity such that you know how to tap into it at will, and trust it to come in the exact right moments. No more looking like everyone else and being bored with your own marketing!
    • Building a strong>community in which true collaboration is the norm. No longer going it alone, because you’ve learned how to open up and create intimacy within your tribe and in your life.
    • Changing the conversation on the planet. Being so clear within yourself about the conversation worth having, that the people around you are naturally enrolled in a new approach to living and relating.
    • Creating more cash within your business to accomplish your real goals. Not because you’ve focused on the cash, but because the conversation you’re creating has a pull beyond money, so the money flows.

Together, we’re opening up space to create bold action and big magic in 2017.

CONNECT 2017 is designed to tune you in to that next shift.

March 28-29 CONNECT 2017
This intimate event is capped at 75 committed participants
(i.e. no “butts in seats”)

Our curriculum is not a barrage of information, but rather a carefully crafted experience designed to guide you to breakthrough results in the following three areas:


We are never without clarity – our authentic marketing message is always clear deep within. We often lack courage. This manifests as confusion. At CONNECT, we’ll tap into the courage to bring your message forward with all of the fierceness that is in your heart. Be 100% you in all your creative glory in service of your mission. Once you experience this freedom, you will never go back.


Gone are the days of muscling through and going it alone. CONNECT is designed to provide you a breakthrough in trust, intimacy, asking and receiving. In this energy, community/ connection/ collaboration is a given. Imagine the impact on your clients when true community is the norm. And on the world!


Ever been frustrated that people you care about are spending time on conversations that don’t matter? At CONNECT we will explore what it takes to create a NEW conversation for what’s possible, such that the people around you would much rather speak YOUR language! You’ll craft a specific statement that is your guidepost for the conversation worthy of your life.


March 28-29

Truth Talk with Elizabeth Gilbert!

Find your Big Magic. Connecting with your truth and turning it into deep transformation is not for the faint hearted. So we’ve invited a very special guest speaker to join us at CONNECT: Someone who knows exactly what it’s like to really listen to her truth, turn it into bold action, and open up deep transformation for millions of others.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir Eat, Pray Love has sold over ten million copies and been translated into over 30 languages. Her latest book, Big Magic, explores what it takes to live a life of creative courage, and Elizabeth will be leading us in an intimate and interactive workshop to explore your vision, dissolve the unique challenges and obstacles you face on your path, and gain a profound understanding of the Big Magic you’re ready to bring into the world.


darla-teaching-sqI’m your host, Darla LeDoux, and this year I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable with the idea that entrepreneurship has been positioned primarily as a path increasing personal wealth.

I love that I know how to make money! I can make decisions I was unable to make before when my consciousness was one of lack and scarcity.

Yet it has always been about more than that for me. And I know that’s true for you too.

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs as they shifted into a new alignment.

My commitment to you at CONNECT 2017 is that you’ll see your next shift clearly, so you can transform what really matters in your business and on the planet.

Read more on my perspective in MY WHY.


In addition to the safe space of transformation, the unparalleled tribe, and the expertly crafted agenda from someone who has truly been there, there are a couple of other reasons you don’t want to miss CONNECT 2017:

You will learn a lot and take away some hot tips. More than that you will experience yourself, your business, and your mission in a new light. At Aligned Entrepreneurs we believe in transformation over information, and that when your learning is experiential you can walk away with exactly what you need and leave the rest. No giant to do list. Simply clarity and focus.

2Connecting + Aligning.
Isn’t it the worst when you attend an event, and leave feeling worse than you came because you’ve suddenly realized that you ‘should’ be doing 18 more things that you have no capacity to implement… and it seems that everyone in the world is doing it better than you? This can be motivating, for sure, but this is not that kind of event. It’s designed to connect you with your personal Truth for how you will lead your business, and to connect you with the people who can help you make  it happen in the way that aligns for you.

A cornerstone of CONNECT is our self-expression experience. Last year it was a second line parade down New Orlean’s Bourbon Street. This year we take to the water with our annual self-expression cocktail party. The safest space to explore who you may really want to be in the world! Judgment-free.

Our attendees are generous and showing up ready to share. Our speakers are selected by a committee of past clients/ attendees who are committed to changing the conversation. This is a no-pitch event. Our speakers are also participants, creating an energy of collaboration rather than ‘client-getting.’ You can relax into the community here.

Are you ready to align with your truth-based mission
so you can transform what really matters in the world?
Are you ready to connect?

Access into our brand new Aligned Entrepreneurs Truth Talk Circle


Secure your place at CONNECT 2017 before March 6th and you’ll receive FREE access into our brand new Aligned Entrepreneurs Truth Talk Circle. Make the most of your connections and your event experience by continuing the conversation in this exclusive monthly group. We’ll dive deeper into the changes we’re making, hold one another accountable, and share ideas for growth.

The 9 months of Truth Talk Circle will start BEFORE the event in March and go through November. You will also be able to apply to LEAD a circle and get direct input on your passion topic or project coming out of CONNECT!

The value of this group is EASILY five figures.

Because I’m committed to MAXIMUM IMPACT as a result of our time together and with Liz, it is yours at no additional charge. But you must get registered before March 6th.

Trying to decide?

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